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We are an Anglican Church in the Villa Park neighborhood in south-west Denver.  We seek to share in the life of God together by re-defining and re-orienting everything around the gospel of Jesus Christ. We follow a liturgical form of worship and welcome friends, neighbors, and strangers alike. 

Core Commitments



The word Advent means “coming” or “arrival.”  It proclaims our faith that Jesus came to us as God in the flesh, as well as our hope in his return to restore the whole world.  It also speaks of our desire for people to encounter Him today through the power of the Holy Spirit and through his Church.   

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We want to share in the life of God

by redefining and reorienting everything

 around the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We want…

We fully realize that we cannot achieve our mission in and of ourselves.  It is our desire and our prayer that God would do this work in and through our church.  We commit to doing our part to see this happen, and we trust that God will give us the desire, ability, and perseverance to carry it out.

To share in the life of God…

The purpose of human existence is to share in the life of God (John 17:3). This is what all people were created to experience, and this is what every person deeply yearns for, whether they realize it or not.  Because of our attempts to live apart from God’s life, physical death and separation from God have stained every corner of our world. However, through Jesus and the Holy Spirit, we are welcomed back into relationship with God, the source of life. In Him, we receive a life that is so deep, so wide, so vast, and so permanent that it can only be called “eternal life.” 

By redefining and reorienting everything…

Too often, we define ourselves and our world by what our eyes can see, or by what others say about us.  But as we begin to share in the life of God, we gain a new perspective – God’s perspective – that frees us to start fresh.

This new perspective then changes the way we live in the world, re-orienting our story in life-giving directions.  This re-orientation touches every part of us and every part of the world.  Nothing is left out of this transformation.

Around the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We believe Christianity is not about good advice.  It’s about good news (gospel) that has come to us: Through Jesus Christ, the world has been set right and invited back into the life of God through the power of the Holy Spirit.  At Advent, we constantly come back to this refrain.  The gospel is not about how good we can be, how many spiritual things we can do, or how relevant we can be to our culture.  The gospel is about what God has done through Jesus, and we want to always be “making much” of what He has done.


Our values shape the ways that we pursue our mission together.  Although we may not talk about them or encourage people to memorize them, they are threads running through everything we do.

Depth – In a world of shallow relationships, we value the richness that comes from truly knowing others and being known.

Gratitude – In a world of cynicism and selfishness, we value the simple grace of giving thanks for the good we receive from the hand of God and the hands of others.

Truth – In a world where all answers are up for grabs, we value the freedom that comes from seeing things the way they really are and living honestly in light of those realities.

Restoration – In a world obsessed with the glitzy and new, we value the parts of our lives (and our world) that are broken, stuck, or left-behind, because God desires to re-fashion them with a fresh and deeper beauty.

Collaboration – In a world of “me-first” striving, we seek to work together with others in order to accomplish the work God has given us to do. This includes partnerships within our church, as well as partnerships with other churches and community organizations.

Patience – In a world that searches for the quick fix, we value the wisdom that comes from waiting, persevering, and walking with one another through difficulty, uncertainty, or stuck places.  We trust that God is working even when we cannot see it, and we celebrate fully when we can!


Church of the Advent is an Anglican church.  Historically, this means our church is connected to the Church of England.  However, our congregants come from a wide variety of denominational and spiritual backgrounds. Many Adventers were never Anglican before they came to Advent!

Anglicanism can be a home for many different “types” of believers because it supports 3-Stream Christianity. The 3 streams are three primary ways the Church has encountered God through the ages: Sacred traditions, the Scripture’s authority, and the Holy Spirit’s witness.  And all of them reveal God to us!

Sacred Traditions

God the Father invested the world with order and beauty when he created it.  The sacred traditions of the Church give expression to this beauty and order of God.  Sharing in a common liturgy and episcopal order (aka “bishops”) connects us with the way God has formed his people through the generations.  It roots us in an approach to the Christian faith that has been tested over the past 2,000 years.  The sacred traditions of the Church provide stability and inspire humility as we recognize that there is more to what God is doing in the world than “what’s happening now.” 

The Scripture’s Authority

God the Son is the Word of God who became a man, Jesus, to rescue the world from sin and death.  The Old and New Testaments are the Word of God in written form and reveal the ways that God is redeeming the world through Jesus.  All that is necessary for salvation is found in Scripture. Although God has revealed himself in his creation, and all areas of life are worthy of study and profitable for our growth, only the Bible reveals God’s meaning and purpose for our lives with clarity and authority.  Therefore, we root all that we do in Scripture.

The Holy Spirit’s Witness

God the Holy Spirit is at work today to unveil the glory of God’s kingdom among his people.  We believe in the power of the Holy Spirit to confirm the testimony of God’s people – that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior - through signs and wonders.  Through the Spirit, God renews his people and enables us to engage the world in creative and life-changing ways.  It is through the work of the Spirit that God’s work in the world advances today.  Therefore, we continually seek to be filled with and guided by the Spirit in all we do.  


Church of the Advent stands in the mainstream of orthodox Christianity and historical Anglicanism.  Historically, these beliefs were expressed through the 39 Articles.  A modern summary of these beliefs that captures their significance for our world can be found in the Jerusalem Declaration.