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We are an Anglican Church in the Villa Park neighborhood in south-west Denver.  We seek to share in the life of God together by re-defining and re-orienting everything around the gospel of Jesus Christ. We follow a liturgical form of worship and welcome friends, neighbors, and strangers alike. 

The Healing Journey

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What is the Healing Journey all about?

As Anglicans when we receive Eucharist, we place hands palm up, one over the other, in a posture of receiving the sacrifice of Christ. We believe that Christ is present in the Eucharist. We set the table every Sunday to receive not only the sacrifice Christ offered but the presence of Christ in our lives to heal, encourage, convict, grow, and form us.

The Healing Journey is simply an extension of that table. We will set the table for the Holy Spirit to move among us and in us through worship of our Lord and inspirational, challenging stories told by Bishops, Priests, Deacons, Professors, and Laity—stories of loss and lament, the glory we are called to in Christ, struggles with sin and anxiety. As we worship and listen, our faithful God will move among us by his Holy Spirit, speaking to each one according to his will. Then the invitation will be given to be prayed for by faithful prayer ministers. The three core elements of the Healing Journey will be worship, teaching, and prayer ministry. Scroll down for information about the speakers and topics.

When: Friday, October 11th, 6:30-9pm & Saturday, October 12th, 8:30am-4pm

Where: Church of the Advent, 678 King St. Denver, CO 80204

Ticket Information & Registration: Click here!

A block of rooms has been reserved for the Healing Journey at the Holiday Inn Lakewood (7390 W. Hampden Ave.). Call (303) 980-9200 to make a reservation.

A light breakfast and lunch will be provided on Saturday.

Questions? Contact event organizer, Cindy Hamilton, at

Problems with registration or other detail questions? Contact event admin, Stacey Brogan, at

Friday, October 11th

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bishop Ken ross - “Getting the Right Story”

We all have a story.  Our story is not just the events in our lives, but how we interpret those events.  We see what look like patterns in the events of our lives and begin to translate what those events mean.  This forms a lens through which we view ourselves, others, and the world around us—and how we interpret subsequent events in our lives.  Many times our interpretation is rooted in the places of hurt or lack in our lives.  The problem is that our interpretation is often terribly wrong—and this distorts our ability to know our identity in Christ.  In this teaching, we will begin to learn how to identify and walk in healing and life in these areas. 

Ken, in his seventh year as a bishop, has a passion for people to know who they are in Jesus, and from that to step into what God has gifted each person to do.  He is constantly amazed at the grace and love of God and seeks to be rooted more in the Gospel each day.

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REv. Deacon Cindy Hamilton - “BAPTIZING the imagination”

Imagination played a key role in C.S. Lewis' conversion.  While reading Christian fantasy Lewis reported that "a bright shadow" leapt off the page.  He later described the new quality as 'holiness' and referred to this time as a "baptism of his own imagination."  Imagination is more than the capacity to close our eyes and form images in our mind, processing with everything that we bring to the table.  Imagination is a place where Jesus may want to work, does want to work.  We will invite the Lord to work in our imagination as he leads us to healing and restoration.

Cindy has always been drawn to prayer.  She has lived in many places and has, thus, been blessed to pray with and learn from people all around the country and some corners of the world. Cindy is especially interested in inner healing prayer and has great confidence in the Lord who heals because he has personally healed her of so much. She is a deacon and Prayer Pastor at Church of the Advent and serves as the Leader of Prayer for the Diocese of the Rocky Mountains.

Saturday, October 12th

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Rev. Deacon Nick Hamilton - “the gospel and sexuality”

There is a deep and intimate connection between the Gospel and our sexuality.  As Christians, reconciling our experience of broken sexuality with the high anthropology we receive in Scripture becomes a challenging, and often overwhelming, task.  How are we as Image-Bearers of Christ to live into our vocation, in all areas of our life, including our sexuality?  Having walked through years of addiction to pornography, the road to healing truly started for me as God began to help me understand the gift He has given us in the Gospel—not merely a salvation reserved for the future—but an invitation into the life of God here and now. 

Nick Hamilton and his wife live in Knoxville, Tennessee where they direct the collegiate ministry of The Navigators at The University of Tennessee. They are passionate about helping others experience the love of Christ within the context of intentional, holistic, embodied discipleship. Nick was ordained as a Deacon in June 2016 in the Anglican Diocese of the South and serves at Old North Abbey.  

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Vic Black - “Our authority from Christ over powers of darkness”

In this subject of the believer’s authority in Christ, we will explore biblical and practical ways to stand and minister in the full power that God wraps us in as sons and daughters of the Most High God. When Jesus sent His disciples out two by two to preach the Kingdom of God, He made a very curious statement. He said, “I give you authority to… heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons. Freely you received, freely give.” Later He said, “Whatever you bind on earth is already bound in heaven. Whatever you loose on earth is already loosed in heaven.” Jesus has extended to us His authority for doing the necessary work in the unseen realm. We often leave this supernatural privilege and responsibility aside while attempting to make headway in advancing God’s Kingdom on earth. Together we will learn to embrace and exercise our rightful authority for the glory of God and for the good of people.

Vic has lead or assisted leading the National Prayer Ministry of the Navigators for 28 years. His passion is to take people deeper in relationship with Jesus in fresh and creative ways.

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douglas groothuis, Ph.d. - “A Time to weep and a time to laugh”

Both lament and happiness are seasons in a Christian's life. I will reflect on a long season of lament and what it means to learn how to laugh again. There is a time to lament and a time to rejoice, but do we know what time it is?

Douglas Groothuis is professor of philosophy at Denver Seminary. He has also authored numerous books, including Walking through Twilight: A Wife's Illness, a Philosopher's Lament (InterVarsity Press, 2017).