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We are an Anglican Church in the Villa Park neighborhood in south-west Denver.  We seek to share in the life of God together by re-defining and re-orienting everything around the gospel of Jesus Christ. We follow a liturgical form of worship and welcome friends, neighbors, and strangers alike. 


Prayer Update

Kenneth Robertson

Answered Prayers

You've been praying for these things...and God has answered!

A New Discipleship Group: ...The Marketplace Discipleship Group, led by Colin & Julie Larkin, will be focused on faithfully following Christ in the midst of the workplace.  Their first meeting was on Tuesday night, the 29th.  Pray that God would knit this new group together, both in a common mission and in love for one another, and that they would rely on the Spirit as they seek God's will for their workplaces.

Update: The Marketplace Discipleship Group is rolling!  There are 12 people that have joined this community: Colin, Julie, Sarah, Amy, Luke, Krista, Kevin, Emily, Ben, Abby, Nick, and Hannah...praise God!  By all accounts their first three meetings have been great.  Over the next few months, they'll be growing into a common vision for the workplace, supporting one another in their walks with God, and reading through Tim Keller's book "Every Good Endeavor" about living as a Christian in the marketplace.  Continue praying that the energy inherent in joining something "new" deepens into a growing love for God and one another!

Increased Fellowship with Wellspring Church:  Over 2.5 years ago, Church of the Advent launched out from Wellspring Church into the Baker neighborhood...On November 10th, Ken will give an extended Kingdom Moment about Advent and preside at the Eucharist at both Wellspring services. Pray that our partnership in the gospel would continue to be renewed in tangible ways, and that Ken's visit would be an opportunity for the joy and mission of both our churches to multiply!

Update from Ken:  The time at Wellspring went great!  Billy Waters and Julie Mihevc, the clergy at Wellspring, were very enthusiastic about having us visit, and I had several people from the congregation encourage us to keep pressing in to what God is calling us to do.  So much of our DNA at Advent comes from Wellspring, including our passion for liturgical worship, social justice, and sensitivity to the Spirit.  Pray for further opportunities for our two churches to encourage one another!

Prayer Requests

FamilyFEASTS:  In the gospels, Jesus was continually inviting people to taste the kingdom of God by joining them in their homes for meals, and the Eucharist remains the church's "family meal" to this day. It seems there's something about thanking God over a delicious meal that gives us a glimpse into God's heart of hospitality!

Therefore, we're providing an opportunity for every Adventer to give thanks and join a family meal the weekend before the "official" Thanksgiving holiday.  We're also encouraging them to invite their friends and potential new members of Jesus' family.  Pray that a spirit of genuine love and thanksgiving would be present at each meal, and that God would draw the people he wants to participate in each one.  If you have a few moments, also pray for each host as they invite others to join their gathering: Emily Fitzrandolph in North Baker, Ken & Sarah Robertson in South Baker, Luke & Krista Towle in South Denver, and John & Sara Knippa in East Denver.

Spiritual Friendships:  Here at Advent, we put a lot of time and thought into our larger gatherings, and we hope that through them people truly encounter God and connect with one another.  However, we also hope that Worship, Missional Community events, and Discipleship Groups foster ongoing personal friendships where faith is strengthened, care is demonstrated, and Adventers encourage one another to keep returning to truths of the` gospel.  We thank God for the many friendships that Advent has fostered, but we want to continue to pray for more.  Ask God to make Advent a network of deep spiritual friendships, even as we live in the midst of a world where such sustained commitment is deeply lacking!

Ginny's Recovery:  Ginny Grogan fell last Saturday night after a night on the town (going to a theology lecture and eating ice cream!) and fractured her leg bone at her hip socket.  She now has a bit more metal in her leg, but we are happy to report she did not require a hip replacement.  She's now in a rehab center, and her long-term prognosis looks very good. Pray that this time of forced rest would be an unexpected blessing for Ginny's soul, and that God would heal her body so that she can continue to do the great work He has given her to do at MHCD, Hirschfeld Towers, and many other places around town!