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We are an Anglican Church in the Villa Park neighborhood in south-west Denver.  We seek to share in the life of God together by re-defining and re-orienting everything around the gospel of Jesus Christ. We follow a liturgical form of worship and welcome friends, neighbors, and strangers alike. 

A Morning of Missional Listening


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A Morning of Missional Listening

On this Saturday morning, we only have one agenda: listen.  

We believe that God's mission to renew and heal this broken world is proceeding according to plan through Christ and His Spirit. We also believe that God often uses us (the church - the Body of Christ) as agents of His mission.  This is why, at Advent, we tutor kids, serve the mentally disabled, feed the homeless, and walk with friends who have questions about Jesus, among other things - and those are only the things we do TOGETHER, not individually!  

But often, we all rush into different opportunities to "help" others with no real sense of what the actual needs are, what the current strengths are, or what God is actually inviting us to do.  Before the summer begins, we want to take some time to listen...better.

Below, we have some FAQ's about this event.  Please consider coming...and RSVP if you can come and join us!


**What are we going to be doing?  Listening.  THAT'S IT.  Simple, right? We're going to send people out to different parts of the neighborhood and tell them to focus on doing one of three things.  Each activity puts us in a listening posture. 

 (1) Praying.  Basically, this is as simple as talking to God about what you see as you walk along. What does he say back?

 (2) Observing. This is as simple as taking a catalogue of the things you see.  New flowers.  Run-down paint jobs. Playgrounds. Etc.

 (3) Asking. This is as simple as walking up to someone on the street and saying something like the following.  "Do you live in this neighborhood?  What's one thing that could make this neighborhood better?"  And that's it.  No follow-up questions.  No sharing the website of the church.  Just a simple question to find out what the needs are.

**Okay, I could do that.  But what's going to happen? We have no idea.  Absolutely. No. Idea.  And that's what makes it fun.  We don't know where God would have us go next as we seek to be used by Him in His mission to the world.  But we're not gonna know unless we listen.

**Who should come?  EVERYBODY.  For families, we're going to assign the Dailey Park area, which means they can simply pray, observe, and ask questions while they play with their kids on the playground (or the green space, etc.).  For introverts, you don't have to talk to strangers if you don't want to.  For extroverts, you can talk to people as much as you want! For those who live in Baker, this is a great chance to learn about your neighborhood.  For those outside of Baker, you can take these skills to any context you inhabit.

**What Time is All This Happening?

8:30-9:30: Brunch at the Robertsons (Show up when you want and try to bring something to share if you can! - 130 W. Archer Pl., Denver 80223)

9:30-9:45: Ken will give some instructions on what we'll be doing.

9:45-11: We'll send you out into the neighborhood!

11-12pm: We'll meet back at the Robertsons to discuss what happened and pray together!

**Do I Need to Sign Up? 

YES!!  We need to know how much food to plan for Saturday morning.  Please email to let him know if you can make it.

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